Clinic-Based Services

SOS Health Care, Inc. has contracted with ABS for the management and day-to-day supervision of the Building Futures Autism Clinic, which provides ABA services to children diagnosed with autism between the ages of two and six. More information about this program can be found at

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Home-Based Services

For families wishing to set up a home-based program based on the principles of behavior analysis, our company provides consultative services, which include initial workshops, frequent follow-up and program adjustments, and on-going ABA therapy and supervision by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). Our company employs BCBA's and BCABA's (assistant Behavior Analysts) that work with families in training, program development, data collection, and evaluation.

School-Based Services

Our practice works proactively with school districts across the state of South Carolina and beyond to provide a wide range of services, including staff training, functional behavior assessments/behavior intervention plans, and early intervention educatinal plans for children with autism. During ABA training workshops for school districts, we provide participants with both a conceptual framework of behavior analysis, as well as "hands on" training opportunities. Feedback is provided to participants regarding their therapy skills. Data collection is vital to our science, and data from school districts using the ABA approach suggest children rapidly learn skills through this approach to teaching. Some of the basic teaching procedures involve prompting, prompt fading, chaining, errorless teaching, shaping, and differential reinforcement. This practice is dedicated to providing services rooted in procedures and programming validated by scientific literature.

If we are to use the methods of science in the field of human affairs, we must assume behavior is lawful and determined. We must expect to discover what a man does is the result of specifiable conditions and that once these conditions have been discovered, we can anticipate and to some extent determine his actions. (B.F. Skinner, 1953)